Friday, May 1, 2009

Plein Air 2009

Well fellow PASSO Members, it's been a long recovery (8 months) but I'm back and ready to fire the starting gun. We had a small start a week ago at Edenvale Winery but winter just doesn't want to let go. There will be updates on our activities calender. If you have found a spot that we might all enjoy, please send in you ideas and if it fits the criteria for an available restroom, then it may get on the list. Lets get some pictures of our paintouts this year and get them posted. The best photo of us on our paintouts will be used on the PAS-SO front page. Yes friends & family may apply.
Send it to me @ send it as a jpeg file.
We have new members and a new energy, a very fun year ahead, jump in and enjoy.
Happy Painting