Friday, January 23, 2009

MIA popping back in!

Ok, I know I've been missing in action, but have newly vowed to take a more active part in PASSO. I miss all
you guys and the plein air painting. So guess, I have no one to motivate but me! So here I am!

Wanted to share with you all a great potential plein air possibility (actually a big project I've been working on that has consummed alot of my time)! I've created a "Women's Mexico Retreat" for journaling and watercolor sketching, April 12-17, 2009! It will encompass more than just painting, like yoga, writing exercises, Buddist meditation etc. but will be an experiential adventure. Right now air fares are WAY low (I spent $600 for my fare in June and now it is $378!) - great time to book. Anyway, ladies, if you are interested OR know of anyone interested, please pass on this blogsite (for updates, pricing, events etc.):

Can't wait for our next outdoor paintout - where you WILL see me! Keep hibernating but, keep creating!


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Carrie H. said...

I was hoping this website would be more active this year as I did have a link to it(and many other Oregon plein-air sites) on my blog. Your Mexican Retreat looked like a lot of fun.