Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wispy Memory of Plein Air

It's Elaine (Frenett) - Ok, I'm here, I'm in!!! And you know, once I start something I gotta really get into it!

Dreaming back to my last plein air paintout with everyone was
w - a- a- a- a- a - y back in September, the 4th to be exact! It WAS monumental cuz we'd been trying to go to Summer Joe's for year's (right, Norm?). And we actually made it - the glitch - Norm had just broken his leg in phenomenal acrobatic leap. But he mustered it together and got to the site in wheelchair, painted and of course, dined! It was jolly for us all.

I perused the grounds with my camera as usual. I enjoyed the gardens but found the giant sunflowers there, the most intriguing. Kind of like big people gazing down into the garden.

But when I settled, I chose the orchard scene. I was attracted to the long shadows tossed across the path and the very white fence. Here's my attempt for the day in my journal - not my finest - but it captures ALL the feelings and warmth of the day. As always, a very fond memory of painting out with great people in wonder-filled territory here in Oregon!


artistjillian said...

Totally wonderful! Thank you for sharing! This is what the blog is all about - sharing the WHOLE experience and by describing it all does just that.

Linda Evans said...

Beautiful, Elaine! I was there after lunch and sketched a garden pathway, shadows, sunflower and all! Will get it photographed and posted soon. Check out my first blog and bio. This is really fun, Kudos to Norm and Jillian!